Verve Energy Drink Ingredients – What’s Inside Every Can?

verve energy drink ingredients


We’ve all gulped down a can or two of our favorite energy drink. There’s Rock Star; Red Bull, which is a long-timer in the industry; the Quercetin-powered FRS; and the list of energy drinks found in your local convenience store just keeps getting longer by the day.

BUT when was the last time you had a close look your energy drink’s ingredients? If you haven’t done that yet, do it now and either of the two things will happen: you’ll be pleasantly surprised and amazed at how healthy your drink is; or you’ll be horrified at what goes inside your body. Fortunately, when you check out Vemma’s energy drink (Verve), you’ll experience more of the former.

Vitamins And Minerals

Like any other “Pick Me Up” beverage, Verve energy drink ingredients contains caffeine. There are no surprises here. And besides, with only 80mg of caffeine inside every can of Verve, this isn’t a cause for concern.

Now, caffeine is just a part of the Verve equation – not the whole enchilada. To give you the surge in energy you need, Verve is infused with a long line of vitamins and minerals that are synergistically combined to beat drowsiness.

Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E are topping Verve’s list of ingredients and daily essential minerals. On the other hand, there’s also chromium, zirconium, and fluoride (non-essential minerals). And you get your daily dose of metals too – copper, nickel, gold, titanium, silver, and more (although the percentage is minimal and safe).

Amino Acids And Plant-Based Nutrients

A can of Verve also takes care of your amino acid needs with D-Ribose and Choline included in the ingredients, along with other usual energy-boosting components such as inositol and taurine. BUT what made Verve healthier and nicer than your average “Pick Me Up” drink is its plant-based nutrients and content. Aloe Vera, green tea, and mangosteen (the kicker – the fruit with the highest ORAC value) – all of these and more are included in the mix.

And for those of you who are die-hard sugar-free consumers, Verve’s choice of sweetener is more than decent – going for sucralose, which is a far cry from other energy drinks whose sugar-free sweeteners are just as bad for health as sugar!


Here’s a quick definition of antioxidants if you’re not familiar: These are substances (found in nature) that protect the cell from the damage caused by unstable, cancer-causing free radicals (produced by stress, pollutants, and other factors).

The good news: Verve has it, too. For starters, Xanthones is a natural phytochemical and antioxidant (found in mangosteen fruit), which does a good job of protecting your body from cellular damage.

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